Life Casting as a Profession

August 16, 2017

Arts and Design

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You purchased a life casting kit to try your hand at casting your own hand or foot. And the very first time, you got completely hooked on to this unique art of creating a life-size and three-dimensional reproduction of the live, human body.

You continued to experiment with casting your child’s feet and even tried to make a life cast of your partner’s face. Being completely captivated by this beautiful art, you often make life casts for family and friends as well.

Now that you have carefully developed the expertise and are sure of your skills, why not take this passion to the next level? Indeed, you can easily transform a life casting hobby into a lucrative and satisfying profession!

What’s on offer?

Life casting is gaining popularity by the day as more and more people want to immortalize a part of themselves. And they are more than willing to pay to have someone reproduce a 3D replica of their body parts.

As a professional life casting artist, you can proffer various services such as:

  • Infant casting – Parents are completely sold over having a life cast of their newborn child’s tiny little hands and feet.
  • Belly casting – Many expecting mothers cherish a life cast of their pregnant belly. Most of them want to preserve their full-blown shape for posterity and this is best done between 34 to 38 weeks. Some may even want a series of belly casts to capture the gradual growth of the baby. A child or partner’s hand cradling the bump also looks delightful.
  • Group casting – A group of friends, relatives or family can celebrate their bond by casting their hands together in an interlock. A circle of hands is especially popular among friends. A parent (or even both) can entwine hands with a child’s to embody their beautiful relationship. Other options are grandparent and grandchild or a couple holding hands on their engagement or anniversary.
  • Individual casting – Almost any part of the human body can be reproduced in spitting likeness in a life cast. While the face, hands, feet and torso remain the most popular, some people do opt for full body casts as well.

You can choose to specialize in a particular genre of life casting or offer all the above services. Either way, it will help to build a portfolio of life casts. You can ask family members or friends to volunteer as models or hire professional models for the same.

When it comes to actually making the body mold, you can require a client to come to your studio for the life cast. Alternatively, you may offer home visits too.

And as you go about launching your life casting business, do become a member of the Association of Life casters International (ALI). This worldwide artists’ guild provides access to a wealth of life casting information, ideas, marketing techniques and other professional tips, apart from providing a gallery for displaying your artworks.

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