Killer Ideas For Creating App Explainer Videos

August 16, 2017

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In context of modern marketing tools, videos are most accepted content form factor which is accepted widely. An explainer video can easily deliver the utility of your product to your target customers compared to old format of boring long format written content. Other than this the video content is always very intuitive and engaging making the product details stays in your audience memory for a longer period of time. All types of app stores provide a section to share your app explainer videos. It is generally noticed the all those app with effective explainer videos have larger number downloads and rating.
APP EXPLAINER VIDEOS creation- mystery monks

APP EXPLAINER VIDEOS creation- mystery monks


A good product explainer video is always recommended from the perspective of branding your app and it also creates a level of trust among the users in your brand. Explainer videos are also very effective from the point of SEO on regular search engine and app ranking store organic ranking which in turn can reduce your cost of client acquisition. Hire Video Editor Online for creating best explainer video for your brand

Though the every marketing team understand the importance of what videos can do for them and how they are very effective in increasing the marketing campaign ROI but how to create the right app explainer video that can lead to real downloads is still a challenge.
Look below some of the smart ways how can app explainer video creation in the best possible way:
a) The first and foremost thing is writing the most effective script for the video. A killer script defines the flow of the story to be told through the explainer video. It should act like a elevator pitch and should be primarily focused towards the target audience. The script should includes details of the features and what benefits the user can draw out of those features.
b) The second most important factor that makes the app explainer video effective is the length of the video. Short and crisp videos are always very effective. Long videos are generally boring and annoying for the user. So the length of the video is an absolute deciding factor in app explainer video creation which can break or make you win.
c) App explainer video creation is always a challenge, the video should be smartly able to communicate the problem statement, the solution, how the app works and with proper call to action to convert the audience into a real user. In fact this is the third most important factor guiding explainer video creation
d) Fourth most important factor that need to be kept in mind while creating an app explainer video is that it should always speak about benefits of the app rather than just speaking about the features of the app. Benefits with which the user can connect with so that the solution provided in the app excites the user to download a particular app.
e) The fifth most important factor to be considered while creating an explainer video is that , if any voice is involved for explaining the details of the products it should be very professional
So to generate a the right ROI for your app marketing efforts and the marketing tactics ensure real user downloads App explainer video creation strategy should be very robust keeping in view the factors mentioned above.

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