Decorating Your Apartment With a Cat Portrait

August 16, 2017

Arts and Design

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Can you imagine our world without cats? This animals have accompanied us for many centuries, but we still haven’t managed to fullydomesticate them. Cats live in our homes, but they don’t belong to us, because they are walking by themselves and try to show their independence in every way. They can be true friends, though you can’t predict their actions, but we love them for this element of unexpectedness. That’s why people adorn their apartments with various artworksrepresenting cats.

There are plenty of ideas on adoring your apartment with a fancy oil or acrylic cat portrait. These five impressive paintings by contemporary artists depicting our feline friends are a good example of how you can use feline images in your interior design.We hope these marvelous canvases will help you make up your mind and decide what kind of artwork you like most.

1. Cat by Carolee Clark

The artist depicted her character in rather unusual colors. At first, the cat seems to be purely white, but the light playing in its fur colors it in sparkling shades of blue, yellow and pink. The cat’s pink nose and grey eyes seem to be the only real parts of this elegant beast.

2. Cat in window by Joseph Dea

This pensive-looking cat is gazing curiouslyout of the window, but you can’t see what captured its attention, because the background is a vague chaos of strokes. The three-colored heroine of the painting has beautiful green eyes and a pretty collar with a pendant.

3. Grey Cat with Green eyes by Doris Joa

Striped grey cats have always been the model of wild feline nature. So it’s no wonder the artist chose this very cat type to depict. Looking into the distance with a proud and independent look, it once again reminds us that cats can’t be tamed.

4. Tiger Mask by Diane Hoeptner

This lovely painting shows an elegant profile of a cute cat that seems to have just stepped out of a kitten’s age. Its eyes have perfect linersand the brown head forms an ideal contrast with the white bodybordered with a yellow collar.

5. Tootsy by Penny Richardson

This cat seems to live a happy life in a house somewhere in the country. In the background you can see a wooden fence and some trees giving you a clue about the setting. This grey and beige ball of fur is the king of the neighborhood, so independent and confident its posture is.

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