5 Easy Steps To Pack Your Fragile Items For The Big Day

If you’re scanning the Internet for tips on how to cut costs on your upcoming move and came across this article by chance, then read on until you finish reading what we have to say.

Although we know that moving can be stressful, to say the least, we would like you to relax first. You’re not the first or the only one looking for money-saving, DIY tips in preparation for the big day. We all know that money is indeed an issue, and trust us when we say, this too shall pass.

Your friendly Calgary movers can offer an irresistible upgrade to their services by letting you know that they can pack your things, big or small, on your behalf. This solution can be a life and stress relief, but also means additional dollars away from your money flow.

So we figured to come up with an article that teaches everyone hacks on how to store fragile items into their moving boxes. Don’t stop reading now because you may learn something no one has told you about, ever.

Tip #1 Organize

If you haven’t purged on your items, please do it now. You wouldn’t want to bring items to your new home that no longer mean anything to you and your family. Find these items a new home by either holding a garage sale or donating them. This process can either make you money to buy your packing supplies or pay for moving costs or make friends who’ll pray for your safe journey and a wonderful new life ahead.

Tip #2 Don’t Bend So Much

Pack items in a spacious room, where you can place boxes on top of one another. Bending too often can be bad, especially when carrying a heavy load. The last place you would like to visit in your new neighborhood is a pain hospital.

Tip #3 Choose Your Moving Boxes Wisely

Some boxes are double-corrugated to support fragile items like Chinaware and all those other stuff you don’t want to break. Make sure you place these items in boxes that are sturdy enough to avoid damage. You may score free sturdy moving boxes from your favorite local coffee or wine shops. Don’t be shy to ask, because we bet they get these requests all the time. A gentle approach can mean less moving expenses.

Tip #4 Support

When packing your fragile items, make sure you support the bottom of the box with crumpled paper or bubble wrap, whichever is more convenient for you. Start with the heavier, less fragile items followed by the smaller, more delicate pieces. Fill gaps with some crumpled paper until the box is filled.

Tip #5 Label

The last thing you wouldn’t want to happen is for you to carefully pack your stuff only to find out they’re broken after the move. It would only take some labels or if you’re into extreme cost-cutting, a permanent marker to accurately label the box as “Fragile,” with matching arrows to point which side should go up. Also, don’t forget to write your name and your new address for all other purposes this information may serve.

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